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Radar Pulse Testing

 Presentation Title  Continuous Wave (CW) and Radar Pulse Requirements
 of the Automotive Manufacturer standards

About the webinar

The webinar detailed the different types of modulation and RF power requirements for the amplifiers, not only to meet the 600V/m radar pulse levels but also the 200V/m CW field strength demanded in some Chinese manufacture standards. It also discussed ow a single amplifier solution reduces the complexity needed to meet both Pulse and CW test requirements up to 6GHz, meeting not only today's requirements but also to be ready for tomorrows challenges.
EMC webinar recording

Webinar Recording 
A full recording of the presentation - 26 mins

 EMC webinar booklet
Webinar Technical Paper
This document contains details of the ideas and concepts discussed

About the webinar leader - Nick Jones

Nick Jones is the Amplifier Product Manager for AMETEK CTS. With 20 years of experience in the RF & Microwave amplifier industry, Nick has a comprehensive understanding, from tuning and aligning amplifiers through to application expertise.

Based in the UK with his wife and three daughters and one crazy (male) dog, Nick has has spent the last four years managing, launching, and presenting amplifier solutions to global audiences.