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Traceable calibration of your test equipment

As international requirements become stricter, the consistent performance of your EMC testing equipment is essential.

AMETEK-CTS has a network of calibration labs world-wide offering calibration service that are traceable to national and international standards.

Our labs are fully equipped with the latest measuring equipment and are able to calibrate all EMC test generators, Amplifiers, LISN and other EMC accessories. Moreover, this is not limited to AMETEK-CTS equipment only - our laboratories calibrate any EMC equipment, no matter which brand or vendor.

Expert laboratory calibration service

Every instrument calibration is given the highest priority. An expert team of engineers and technicians, each with many years’ experience in EMC and measuring procedures, is available to process your order.

Calibration, adjustment and repair

If we detect a technical problem during a calibration your device will be transferred to a specialist engineer to diagnose the issue. We will inform you of the diagnosis and our engineer will complete a repair prior to its return it to the calibration laboratory.

Onsite test and calibration

For your added convenience you can have your instruments tested on site. Our laboratory technicians will come to you and calibrate your test instruments right where you are. We issue accredited calibration certificates, while allowing for the permissible ambient conditions, which are recorded reproducibly by means of temperature and humidity sensors.