The automotive industry has very specific and permanently changing requirements for EMC testing with pulses and waveforms getting more and more complex. As the leading manufacturer of automotive test equipment and member of various national and international standard working groups AMETEK-CTS knows the present and the future demands of the car industry. 

EMC applications is a wide-ranging discipline in Automotive. It includes both RF emissions and immunity for the full vehicle as well as a whole suite of tests at the component level. AMETEK-CTS has been working with the leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers for many years to ensure the EMC immunity of components and systems remain robust and consistent.

Engineers at AMETEK-CTS have a deep understanding of the compliance requirements in the automotive industry. Our product specialist are at the forefront of assisting the industry in developing the new emerging standards affecting the latest generation of electric cars and self -driving vehicles.

The automotive test equipment from AMETEK-CTS is designed to meet the EMC testing requirements of the automotive industry - today and tomorrow.