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Complete EMC testing

AMETEK CTS is the only supplier of solutions for every part of automotive EMC testing: charging systems, 12/24/48V battery systems, and radiated immunity testing. Talk to us about how we are helping manufactures of the next generation vehicles comply with a varied range of standards, and the implications for electrical and electronic components and systems. Learn more about the automotive standards.

Conducted and RF Testing

  • Transient immunity and emissions ISO 7637-2
  • Voltage variations ISO 16750-2, LV 123, VW 80300
  • Radiated immunity ISO 11451-x, ISO 11452-x
  • Ripple ISO 7637-4, LV 123, VW 80300
  • Radar pulses FMC1278 or VW TL81000

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Transient immunity and emissions testing for every application: 12, 24, 48V and EVs
  • Battery simulators from 12 V to 1120V for power quality testing
  • Harmonics, Flicker, Burst, Surge for chargers to ECE Reg. 10
  • Amplifiers and accessories for onboard and off-board immunity testing
  • ESD testing for vehicle and sub-assembly testing
  • Sinusoidal ripple on LV or HV battery lines

  • EMC compliance solutions for electric vehicles


    Our products

    Engineers at AMETEK-CTS have a deep understanding of the compliance requirements in the automotive industry. Our product specialistS are at the forefront of assisting the industry in developing the new emerging standards affecting the latest generation of electric cars and self -driving vehicles.

    The automotive test equipment from AMETEK-CTS is designed to meet the EMC testing requirements of the automotive industry - today and tomorrow.

    You can see the available solution from AMETEK CTS at and