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Broadband Power Amplifiers

Broadband | RF | Microwave Amplifiers

More choice, means optimum performance,
whatever the application.

Amplifiers for every application

AMETEK CTS has been designing and manufacturing RF amplifiers for over 30 years. From our design and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Switzerland and Germany, our customers can be confident they will always get an RF amplifier solution that is correctly matched to their requirement. Our know-how and experience will ensure you get a solution that is optimized to meet your application requirements at the right cost. 

Under the product names of Teseq, IFI and Milmega, we have produced RF amplifiers suitable for the widest range of applications including: 


Flexible combination from 10 KHz to 40 GHz.  Power levels up to 11KW (pulsed TWT) for radiated susceptibility test system applications covering, commercial, medical, automotive, aerospace, and military EMC standards.

Class A solid state amplifiers developed in parallel to meet 5G spectrum bandwidth and modulation needs. Ideal for testing, infrastructure component characterization, linearity measurements including intermodulation, ACPL, EVM and multitone plus high signal level reliability.

EW & Radar
Applications Including search and rescue, airborne early warning (AEW), ground mobile air defence, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), terrain-following radar (TFR), maritime patrol aircraft (MPA). Pulse and CW for shipborne military environments.

  • Amplifier selection +

    How to select the optimum amplifier for your application.
    There are many types of RF and Microwave amplifiers available on the market today. They come in many form factors, technology types and bias classes which can make choosing the correct amplifier that meets your application requirements difficult.

    To help buyers, we have produced a guide to the important points to consider when selecting an amplifier, ensuring the product meets the requirements of your application - including, EMC, Communications, Aerospace and Defense.  Click to download.

    Amplifier product selection guide

  • Solid State Amplifiers | 10 kHz - 6 GHz +

    Teseq’s CBA series is a complete range of solid-state linear class-A & AB power amplifiers designed with frequency and power ratings specifically for EMC immunity test applications. These robust and dependable power amplifiers ensure complete reliability at low operating costs. They are available as a standalone bench mount device or seamlessly integrated as part of a Teseq radiated Immunity test system.

    • Class A & AB Operation (model dependent)
    • Intuitive user interface  
    • Input over drive protection 
    • USB, Ethernet, GPIB and RS232 interface 
    • Built in calibrated dual directional coupler 
    • 3 Year warranty 


  • Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers | 2-40 GHz +

    Teseq’s new CW or pulsed TWT series of high-power amplifiers are modular, scalable, and designed explicitly for reliability whatever your application needs. Either as a standalone bench mount device or seamlessly integrated as part of a Teseq radiated Immunity test system.  

    The new range has many innovative features that are designed to extend the instrument’s functionality. Ease of use remains central to the Teseq design philosophy enabling users to quickly become familiar with the instruments capabilities and operation. 

    • Rugged, ultra-reliable design
    • Standard 6U and high power dual TWT in 12U chassis
    • Advanced Self-Diagnostics
    • Ethernet interface or optional RS422, RS485, RS232, Fiber Optic
    • Remote Management and diagnostics via an embedded web server
    • Graphical User Interface to run on any PC or laptop with a standard browser with operational parameters updated in real-time
    • VSWR Reflected Power Protection
    • RF forward and reverse sample ports
    • Plug and Play field-replaceable power supplies
    • 100 – 240 VAC single phase

  • RF Immunity Systems +

    RF immunity test solutions

    At AMETEK CTS we can design and build a turn-key EMC system to precisely fit your test requirements, budget and time frame. 

    Our RF engineering team are able to provide customers with a complete design and system implementation to the meet the requirements of RF immunity standards.

    Turn-key design and build

    Peace of mind
    A fully compliant system from AMETEK CTS includes an engineered  design that is guaranteed to meet field strength requirements for the tests. 


    GTEM systems for immunity and emissions
    IEC/EN 61000-4-6 for conducted RF-immunity
    IEC/EN 61000-4-3 for radiated RF-immunity
    ISO 11452-2 and 4 for radiated RF-immunity on vehicle components
    BCI for Automotive, Airborne & Military
    Strip Lines for Automotive immunity

    RF immunity solutions


    Immunity Systems for IEC products, 
    Automotive ISO 11452-2, 3, 4, 5 & 9
    Airborne and Military applications 
    MIL-STD-461 & RTCA DO-160
    Emission Systems for disturbance current, voltage, power & field strengths
    Reverb Chamber Solutions
    Contact our design team to discuss your requirements and get a custom proposal.