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We aim to provide our customers with maximum productivity and optimum performance for their AMETEK-CTS instruments. With accredited laboratories located in Europe, North America and Asia, we can provide all the benefits of working with a global leader, locally.

Trusted expertise

Product know-how, robust processes and expert people - these are some of the reasons why our customers trust us to provide a professional support service that matches the quality of our instruments.

Our range of AMECARE services are designed to help customers maintain and extend the performance of their AMETEK-CTS instruments. All our AMECARE services are built around 3 fundamental customer expectation... Quality - Accuracy – Speed


Consistent reliable performance requires a total commitment to quality. Using best practice product design, optimum component selection and precision manufacturing techniques, AMETEK produce innovative product solutions that meet the demands of everyday use.

AMECARE is our way of extending that quality and performance throughout the life of your equipment


Accuracy is the foundation of all RF and EMC testing solutions. Our customers choose AMETEK because our products deliver the highest performance.

AMECARE means that this performance is never compromised. Our service engineering capabilities, laboratories and processes will guarantee that accuracy and performance is always maintained throughout the operational lifetime

It’s not enough to just have a great range of products. We know that you can only maximize the value of your investment if your AMETEK device is available every time you need it.

AMECARE means that a team of local service providers will keep your equipment running giving you maximum availability. And as the designer and manufacturer, we can provide a fast resolution to your service needs, using the latest updates and original components.

4 brands, 1 support solution

Our know-how and experience come from our long history of designing and manufacturing EMC testing and amplifier solutions. Our brands – EM TEST, Teseq, IFI and Milmega - are leaders in their field and offer a solution the widest range of applications.

This deep knowledge can also be found locally at our AMECARE laboratories and service centers located across the globe. AMECARE provides customers with the optimum response to ongoing support requirements, maximizing productivity and extending the life of AMETEK-CTS equipment