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Cables / Kits

Assortment of different products and accessories needed during EMC testing.

  • BAL 4070

    The standard ISO / DTS 7637-4 specifies tests for pulsed sinusoidal disturbances. Teseq offers with BAL 4070 the balun transformer, which is required to couple the disturbance signal over the artificial networks to the device under test. The optionally available CAS BAL4070 allows the verification / calibration of BAL 4070. The versions BAL 4070-10 and BAL 4070-50 have been developed for tests according to MBN 10284‑3, where tests are performed between 150 kHz and 50 MHz.

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  • BTP 6020

    EMC Antenna Tripod

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  • CAS BAL4070

    The product CAS BAL4070 is made for function tests, verification measurements and / or calibration on BAL 4070. Measuring parameter is the coupling attenuation S21. The CAS BAL4070 contains the measuring balun MB 100-20, adapter AD 1 mm / BNC and two RF cables LE 265.

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  • CTP 6099

    EMC Antenna Tripod. The CTP 6099 tripod is ideal for outdoor applications and use on soft ground. It has been designed for the loop antenna HLA 6120 and can be used with the optionally available adapters for other antennas

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  • ITF

    The Isolation Transformer (ITF) provides the 60 dB decoupling as required in IEC / EN 61000-4-16. The ITF is placed between coupling network and mains. It can be used for a mains frequency in the range 47 to 63 Hz. Two types are available, ITF 14A for 14.4 Amps and ITF 22 for 21.7 Amps.

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  • LE 4031

    The LE 4031 provides the RF cables, attenuators, baluns and termination as needed for the level setting procedure in accordance with the standard IEC / EN 61000-4-31.

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  • RAD 6000

    Radiation source for using the modelled long wire antenna method for CISPR 25 Annex J

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