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EMC On-Air Podcast

Welcome to EMC On-Air, the bite sized video podcast from AMETEK-CTS. The podcast is designed to provide short insights about what's going on in the world of EMC standards, and the effects on testing procedures and associated instruments.

8. RF Amplifiers | linearity and gain error annex in IEC61000-4-3 

Nick talks with Tim about amplifier linearity and changes to IEC 61000-4-3, what it means to test labs and the amplifier manufacturer. What’s new and does it matter? Nick also gives some inside information about the AMETEK CTS amplifier factory and a brand-new platform for CTS.


7. RF Amplifiers | Modularity and Cost of Ownership

In this episode, Tim chats with AMETEK CTS Amplifier Product Manager Nick Jones about RF Amplifiers, the benefits of modularity, the Teseq platform, the cost of ownership, and a new dual-band product line.

6. RF Amplifiers Selection EMC and Other applications

In this episode, Tim chats with Nick Jones - AMETEK CTS product manager - to expand on, and respond to questions to his Amplifier Selection webinar. We talk about finding the right amplifier for EMC, aerospace and defense, and other applications.

If you want to learn more about amplifier selection, you can view the "Amplifier Selection | What you need to know" webinar here.

5. Electric Vehicles - EMC Compliance Testing

In this episode of EMC-On-Air, Tim gets together with AMETEK CTS Product Manager Thomas Handschin to discuss the challenges EV manufacturers and component suppliers face when testing high voltage components. During the discussion, Thomas speaks about the new generation of test equipment that's required to meet the demands of the latest standards.

4. What is VSWR and its effect on power amplifier reliability

In today’s podcast, Tim sits down with Nick Jones, Amplifier Product Manager to talk about VSWR, how amplifiers deal with the challenges, and what makes us unique.

3. Burst and Surge standards update

In our latest discussion on EMC immunity, Tim Horacek speaks to Frank Niechial about some of the recent changes that were made to the standards covering Burst and Surge testing. 

The discussion is a follow-up to the popular webinar which was hosted by Frank last year.

2. Introducing UCS 200Nxx.1 and ISO 7637-2 (PART II - follow-up questions)

In today's podcast, Tim and Marc answer some questions and talk more about what the benefits of the UCS 200Nxx.2 and .3 and explain why it was made.


1. Introducing UCS 200Nxx.1 and ISO 7637-2 

In today’s video, Tim and Marc talk about the UCS 200Nxx.1 and .3, what’s new and why we made it and what they replace in our lineup. We also talk about ISO 7637-2 and what happened to the standards work.  Finally, can you upgrade your UCS?

Be sure to watch to find out!


Learn more about the UCS 200N

Visit the product page where you will find a detailed specification and datasheet.