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ametek-cts standards


Standards continue to evolve and remain a critical requirement for any manufacturer. As a leading expert in the field of EMC compliance, engineers at AMETEK-CTS participate in National and International standards committees, influencing the development of new and current standards.

Standards, as a driving factor in the EMC business, are the framework for any manufacturer of electronic products and systems, protecting and safeguarding the environment from unnecessary pollution by electromagnetic interference. In other words, electronic products are supposed to operate satisfactory in their environment without affecting others in their neighborhood. This is not at all self-evident.

Experts from AMETEK-CTS have always been participating members of national and international research groups and Standards Committees. This is our contribution towards adaptive and practical standards. Consequently, we guarantee the technical specifications being integrated in our products and testing procedures are interpreted according to the standards. Our contribution and insights to the standards bodies allow AMETEK CTS to anticipate future developments of standards for the benefit of our customers.

The structure of EMC standards

EMC requirements are specified in a vast number of standard documents issued by various committees and organizations. The documents are organized as follows:

Basic standards:
Describe the phenomenon, characterize the test equipment and give guidance how tests shall be performed and documented. Basic standards like IEC 61000-4-x form the lowest level in standard's hierarchy.

Generic standards:

Specify test levels for a certain range of application, referring to the Basic Standards for general information. Generic standards give minimum requirements, e.g. for CE Mark (EN 61000-6-1). Generic Standards stand above the Basic standards.

Product Family standards:

Are used where exist for a certain category of products. They specify test levels and performance criteria. EN 61326, for instance, forms such a Product Family standard dealing with the EMC requirements of equipment for measurement, control laboratory use.

Product standards:
Are the most preferred standards as they give strict requirements for a certain product. EN 61800-3 for instance is a Product Standard for adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. Apart from the requirements for EMC this standard also defines special test procedures.
Product Standards form the highest level in standard's hierarchy.

If you require any support on a specific test requirement or seek information about a specific standard document, please contact us.