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Automotive Battery Simulators

Battery simulators replace the vehicle battery in the test environment. These sources must fulfill various criteria concerning power rating, voltage, fast slew rate, very low impedance, low noise, etc. depending on the particular application. Pulse 2b, pulse 4, sine wave noise and other complex simulations are all supported. Our one, two and four-quadrant amplifiers are perfectly suited for ISO 7637 compliant simulated conducted transient testing. Offering EMC-focused combinations of features that exist in no other battery simulator, EM Test and Teseq brand battery simulators are the right solution for your EMC needs.

  • Four-Quadrant Battery Simulators

    Four-quadrant battery simulators provide not only bipolar voltage, but also provide positive and accept negative current from the DUT. This acts more like the actual battery in the vehicle, and will discharge any capacitance in the DUT.

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  • One- and Three-Quadrant Battery Simulators

    Two-quadrant have similar performance to the four-quadrant battery simultors but can provide only positive voltage. One-quadrant sources act like simple power supplies and do not discharge the DUT when battery is forced low. This is recommended only for secondary input voltages to the DUT.

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