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A range of high performance ultra wideband BiLog antennas, ideal for emission and immunity EMC testing.

  • CBL 6144

    The CBL 6144 gives an incredible antenna factor of only 3 dB at 26 MHz together with a useable VSWR making the CBL 6144 able to deliver 10 V/m with 80% AM modulation using an amplifier power of less than 500 W (chamber dependent) at 26 MHz.

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  • CBL 6141B

    For RF EMC emission and immunity testing in compact anechoic chambers.

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  • CBL 6143A

    The CBL 6143 has a unique matching network which will allow powers of up to 300 watts CW to be transmitted, making it suitable for most immunity measurements requiring fields of 10 V/m, or even greater.

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  • CBL 6111D

    The CBL 6111 is a high performance ultra wideband BiLog® antenna for emission and immunity EMC testing.

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  • CBL 6112D

    The CBL 6112 operates over the unprecedented, wide range 30 MHz to 2 GHz.

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  • CTP 6099

    EMC Antenna Tripod. The CTP 6099 tripod is ideal for outdoor applications and use on soft ground. It has been designed for the loop antenna HLA 6120 and can be used with the optionally available adapters for other antennas

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  • BTP 6020

    EMC Antenna Tripod

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