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The challenge

A TWT amplifier is a big investment which you will expect to serve your needs for many years. TWT is a proven technology which has been employed in High Power Amplifiers for many decades, and today’s designs are more robust than ever, capitalizing on extended performance and high levels of reliability.

Like other high-performance systems, you can extend or shorten the operational life of a TWTA by simply adjusting the processes and procedures in place for their general use.

The solution

The TWT Amplifier Fitness Plan has been engineered to help users get consistent long-term performance from their instrument. Following this plan will ensure you provide the greatest protection for the specialized components contained in a TWT design. The plan has been developed by our design and engineering teams who have seen first-hand the problems that can be caused by inconsistent operating procedures.

The Fitness Plan contains the operational do’s and don’ts that will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment and many years of trouble-free service.

TWT Amplifier Fitness Plan
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