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Dropout testing - are you doing it wrong?

 Presentation Title Dropout Testing - are you doing wrong?

About the webinar

For Dropout Testing, different test setups and confusion about the intent of the standard can result in different results and behavior of the device under test during the simulation. This video explains how performing dropout testing can result in differences in results based on the available equipment and the lack of clarity in the intent of the standards. The content will clarify the different accepted methods of performing the testing, and help you eliminate errors that can occur while performing drop-out testing. 

Seminar content

During the live event the presenter will cover topics including:
  • What happens in the vehicle?
  • What the standards define makes it clear what equipment to use, or does it?
  • What happens to the DUT?
  • Different methods of performing the testing, advantages and disadvantages and when to use each.
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Webinar Recording 
A full recording of the presentation - 26 mins

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Webinar Technical Paper
This document contains details of the ideas and concepts discussed

About the webinar leader - Tim Horacek

Tim is the Automotive Product Manager at AMETEK CTS, and expert in the ISO/TC 22/SC 32 working group.  Tim has been in Test and Measurement for his whole career, starting in a military accredited calibration lab and expanding into software automation. For the past 20 years Tim has worked in Product Marketing, aligning new product development initiatives to the needs of customers.