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Changes to Burst and Surge standards

 Presentation Title Summary of changes to Burst and Surge standards

About the webinar

View the webinar to hear about recent changes to the standard that affect Burst and Surge testing. We will summarize the most important changes and the possible influence in test results. It will also clarify why new test results can not be compared to those complying with the old standard.

The topics covered during the webinar will include:
  • Specification of pulse shape
  • How to calibrate
  • Common mode testing
  • New specification for coupling/decoupling networks
  • Difference in test results
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Webinar Recording 
A full recording of the presentation - 26 mins

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Webinar Technical Paper
This document contains details of the ideas and concepts discussed

About the webinar leader -Frank Niechcial

This event is led by Frank Niechcial. He is responsible for the industrial conducted test-equipment product portfolio at AMETEK CTS and is a member of the UK 767.3 committee which is engaged in high-frequency phenomena.