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Teseq TWT Broadband Amplifier Range

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Introducing the New Teseq TWT Series Broadband Power Amplifier range

We are pleased to be launching a new range of advanced TWT amplifiers, branded Teseq, to complement our widely successful Teseq solid-state amplifiers.

The new CW or pulsed TWT series are modular, scalable, and designed explicitly for reliability whatever the application needs. Either as a standalone bench mount device or seamlessly integrated as part of a Teseq radiated Immunity test system.

The NEW TWT Series has many innovative features designed to extend the instrument’s functionality and capabilities. Ease of use remains central to the Teseq design philosophy, enabling users to quickly become familiar with the amplifier’s operation.

Custom configurations
Our new 6U and 12U standard but customisable chassis and “soft” re-configurable control system enables custom built product and options.

A new brochure is now available to support the launch of the Teseq TWT amplifier range.

Teseq TWT amplifier brochure

Download the new brochure

The brochure introduces the range and provides specification and performance details for each model. The brochure features interactive elements enabling the reader to view performance graphs for each of the 36 models.

There is handy selection table on page 6 that illustrates the operating frequency and power rating for each device. The selection table can also be downloaded as a separate pdf file.

TWT amplifier selection table
Download the selection table