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EM TEST is the leading manufacturer and supplier of EMC generators for the automotive industry and among the leaders for IEC, telecom, medical and component testing.


EM TEST equipment offers the capability to match most test routines exactly to spec and to modify existing spec-based routines as required. Test routines are easy to handle, sophisticated and technologically state-of-the-art. Software programs are exceptionally simple and generators are extremely reliable.


Standards, as a driving factor in the EMC business, are the framework for any manufacturer of electronic products and systems.

Since the early days EM TEST experts are members of national and international research groups and Standards Committees. This is our contribution towards adaptive and practical standards. Consequently, we guarantee the technical specifications being integrated in our products and testing procedures are interpreted according to the standards. This is how EM TEST anticipate future developments of standards for the benefit of our customers.

Design and manufacture

EM TEST products combine good design with easy operation. A simple operation concept and an easy-to-use software enable the operator to just select the standard to be tested and the corresponding test is ready. Just press the start button and the test is run automatically, including report generation.

Only top-quality parts and components, purchased and checked piece-by-piece, are used for the production of EM TEST equipment. Every piece of equipment is fully traceable within our quality assurance system. Each unit runs several tests including a long-duration burn-in test to check the proper function of all parts and components used. This ensures the high quality and reproducibility in performance of each equipment during its entire life cycle.

EM TEST has earned a position as the Number One EMC transient generator provider by consistently delivering the most innovative products, systems and services. Our customers count on EM TEST for quality and performance. And we pledge to never let them down. The EM TEST "Performance" represents our total commitment to providing solutions that do the job ... often, beyond our customers' expectations. With EM TEST there's no guessing, no trial & error, no disappointments.