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Visit AMETEK-CTS at EMV2020 where our experts will help you select the optimum EMC Compliance Solution

Friday, January 10, 2020

Visit AMETEK-CTS at EMV2020 where our experts will help you select the optimum EMC Compliance Solution

Join us at the EMV2020 event – booth 118 - in Cologne where our expert team will be on-hand to assist you with your EMC compliance requirements and questions.

AMETEK CTS has been at the forefront of the EMC industry for many decades, working with the international and national standards committees to develop robust EMC testing strategies and equipment that ensure the safety and consistent performance of electrical and electronic products.

At the show, you can learn about the latest solutions to EMC compliance that are available from the AMETEK CTS brands EM TEST, Teseq, Milmega and IFI. And you can discuss EMC topics in more detail with our expert team at the solution areas located on the booth


AMETEK CTS is the only supplier for solutions for every part of automotive EMC testing: charging systems, 12/24/48V battery systems, and radiated immunity testing. On the booth, you can talk to us about how we are helping manufactures of the next generation vehicles comply with a varied range of standards, and the implications for electrical and electronic components and systems.


AMETEK CTS offers solutions for the widest range of international standards. The portfolio of products has the capability to simulate electrical fast transients / Bursts, damped oscillatory waves, magnetic fields, electrostatic discharge and much more, they also can be delivered with an accredited calibration according to ISO 17025. To complete the solution we offer various coupling networks for high power AC- and DC-applications. Experts will be available at the booth to discuss the latest standards and how they will impact product designs in the future.

RF Immunity

AMETEK CTS offers systems for radiated and conducted immunity testing up to 40 GHz with options of full front panel control and software solutions for remote monitoring. The integrated signal generators cover different IEC, ISO and Mil standards and offer options of internal power amplifier, power meters, switching and multiple options of EUT monitoring. On the stand, you can discuss with us our range of products including solutions for new close-proximity immunity testing as defined in IEC and upcoming Medical standards.


AMETEK CTS, via its three brands of IFI, Milmega and Teseq offers a wide range of amplifier products covering 10KHz to 40GHz to meet all EMC immunity testing requirements. Our modular amplifiers offer outstanding cost of ownership that meets today's and tomorrow's needs through upgradability. Talk to our experts about the range technologies available and how to select the right type of amplifier for your application.  

EMV2020 is Europe's most significant exhibition and conference. It will take place in Cologne from 17 – 19 March 2020 and provide a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments within electromagnetic compatibility.

If you can’t make it to the show to discuss your EMC compliance needs, contact us with your questions and requirements. We are confident that we can help.