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New PowerWave

Monday, January 3, 2022


A power source for EMC testing that matches the demands of the next generation of Electric Vehicles 

Rapid product development and new innovations in the design of electric vehicles are placing new demands on an EV’s power system. In turn, this is having a dramatic effect on the power required to perform EMC tests. This is especially true when testing high voltage components and charging systems, where existing power sources are unlikely to be able to provide the performance required by the latest test standards.

AMETEK CTS is pleased to announce the launch of PowerWave, the next generation of electronically controlled power source suitable for applications where exceptional performance is demanded. 


> 250 kVA with 3 x 360 VAC and 250 kW with up to 1500 VDC
> Combined source for HV AC and DC saves cost and lab space
> No additional source needed for Harmonics & Flicker
> Efficient - 4-quadrant operation with 100% source/sink and power recovery to the grid
> All-in-one Software with an extensive test library
> Modular and Upgradeable to 1’000 kVA / kW
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Electric Vehicle testing according to ECE R10 
PowerWave is the ideal source to supply an EMC chamber and conducted test area with the power that is needed. It combines AC and DC in a compact footprint and allows charging in Mode 3 (AC) and Mode 4 (DC). With an additionally required charging station simulator (i.e. Comemso EVCA) various charging standards like Chademo, GB/T, CCS and Tesla are covered. 

EV High Voltage Component Testing 
PowerWave is the perfect fit to test high voltage components up to 1500 VDC, i.e. electric drives, batteries, and auxiliary components. It can not only be used as a constant voltage source but covers with its 1250 V/ms slew rate challenging tests such as voltage variation and dynamics (i.e. ISO 21498, LV123, MBN 11123, VW 80300, Nissan 28400NDS91, and similar). 

Other applications covered 
> grid simulator for solar inverter or charging station testing 
> high power avionics & military component testing 

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