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Teseq, under its brand of IFI has been designing and manufacturing RF Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers and Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers since 1953. The company continually advances the development of its low power, medium power, high power (HPA), broadband; solid-state and TWT Amplifier products, to offer a high quality range of RF Microwave Amplifiers to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

With worldwide TWTA and Solid-State Amplifier installations, products for both commercial and military applications, IFI continually proves itself as a leader in providing advanced RF Microwave amplifier transmitter solutions available today.

Design and manufacture

IFI designs and manufactures a vast array of RF Microwave High Power, RF Microwave Medium Power and RF Microwave Low Power Amplifiers in broadband, wide-band and standard frequency bandwidths. These RF Microwave Amplifiers are used for EMC, EW, laboratory and EMI testing applications worldwide. RF amplifiers types include: TWT (traveling wave tube) Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers, CW, Pulse TWTA and Millimeter Amps. Utilizing state of the art technologies like Gallium Nitride amplifier technology (GaN) for use in both our wide band and broadband RF microwave amplifier products.
Standard products and custom designs

Whether it’s a standard, or a specially designed product you require, the experienced Ametek CTS application team is available to give you detailed product information, technical data and competitive pricing.