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Impedance stabilization networks (ISN/ AAN) are defined for the measuring of conducted common mode disturbances on information technology equipment (ITE) as required in CISPR 22 and CISPR 32.


    The calibration kit CAS ISN is made for function tests and remeasurements on impedance stabilization network (ISN) for unshielded balanced pairs. Measuring parameters are common mode (CM) impedance, phase angle, voltage division factor, decoupling attenuation (isolation) and longitudinal conversion loss (LCL). Impedance stabilization networks (ISN) are defined in CISPR 22 and CISPR 16-1-2. The CISPR 16-1-2 gives additional requirements and provides examples and measurements for the networks. The ITU-T recommendations G.117 and O.9 offers the background knowledge for measurements on symmetrical telecommunication lines.

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    Magnetic fixture for ISN T2A, ISN T4A, ISN T8, ISN T8-Cat6 or CDN T8 The magnetic fixture for ISNs (Impedance Stabilization Network) improves the earth connection to steel surfaces as typical used for Faraday cages. Its design provides a constant and stable pressure of the ISN enclosure against the ground plane. The standard CISPR 22/EN 55022 allows to place the ISNs also to a vertical ground plane which can be done easily with the use of FIX ISN.

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    The ISN PLT is made for measurements on PLT devices which use one port for mains power supply and telecommunications (PLT port). It conforms with the requirements of EN 50561-1. Included in the delivery is the Coupling Unit (CU) as given in figure 3 of the standard.

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  • ISN S501A, S502A, S751 and S752

    Impedance Stabilization Network for Coaxial Lines

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  • ISN ST08 Series

    Impedance Stabilization Network for Shielded Balanced Pairs

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  • ISN T2 Series

    The ISN T2 is designed for measurements on one unscreened balanced pair for cable cat. 3 and cat. 5. A set of adapters consists of LCL adapters to realize the longitudinal conversion loss (LCL)- requirements for the EUT-side in relation to the used cable category (cat. 3, cat. 5) and a connection adapter for the AE-side.

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  • ISN T8-Cat6 Series

    The ISN T8-Cat6 is designed for measurements on up to four unscreened single balanced pairs with cable category cat. 6.

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  • ISN T8 Series

    The ISN T8 is designed for measurements on up to four unscreened balanced pairs for cable cat. 3 and cat. 5.

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