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AMETEK CTS has an extensive offering of high performance EMC antennas inlcuding the Horn antenas for applications up to 18 GHz, and Loop antennas as required by the medical standard.

  • Bicon

    Compact biconical antenna solutions for measurements in different frequency range. These antennas are ideal for open site measurements or applications in anechoic/ GTEM chambers where space is limited.

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  • Bilog

    A range of high performance ultra wideband BiLog antennas, ideal for emission and immunity EMC testing.

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  • Horn antenna

    Linearly polarized broadband and TEM horn antenna (per IEC / EN 61000-4-39) for EMC/ RF measurements.

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  • Compact and rugged antenna

    Compact and rugged antennas covering the frequency range upto 1 GHz. Suitable for CISPR/IEC/EN, FCC, MIL-STD testing.

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  • Loop

    High performance loop antennas, including the active loop antenna HLA 6121 designed for frequency ranges from 9kHz to 30 MHz, as well as loop antennas which are required in medical applications.

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