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USO 4013

  • USB-to-serial / optical converter
  • Complete electrical isolation
  • Up to 24 m cable length for the optical RS232
  • Rugged design
  • Overview +

    The USO 4013 is a fast, universal USB-to-serial converter with an optical and an RS232 port, which can be optionally configured as an RS485 port. Its optical port drives a fiber optic converter with a transmission speed of 3 MBd for distances of up to 40 m, allowing potential- and trouble-free remote control of electrical devices with a serial port. The RS232 port has a maximum transmission speed of 1 MBd. The model USO 4013-RS232-20 also includes a 20 m fiber optic cable and an optical-to-RS232 converter for devices with an RS232 remote control port. The USO 4013 is part of the delivery of Teseq’s IOB 4000, reverberation chambers, NSG 4060 and NSG 4070B. It can optionally be used to connect the SCR 35xx with a PC with USB interface. Whereas the USO 4013-RS232-20 offers remote control connection of any unit with an electrical serial interface (±12 V supply a USO 4013 nd handshake required).
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