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TC 5500

  • Frequency response 10 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Secondary saturation up to 50 A
  • Audio power 2 x 200 W
  • Turns ratio 2:1 step down
  • Freely configurable on primary/secondary; serial, parallel, single
  • Built-in non-inductive load resistor 0.5 ohm, 250 W
  • Overview +

    The TC 5500 is a standalone coupling network unifying two audio transformers being individually configurable for various test requirements (e.g. Ford FMC1278 and SAE J1113-2). It is used to apply the test signals to the lines under test via an audio transformer to perform ripple voltage tests and continuous or transient conducted immunity tests.
  • Standards +

    • Automotive Standards+

    • Automotive OEM Specifications+