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SL 150

  • EMC tests for vehicle components immunity to RF fields
  • Specified in EU directives 2004/104/EG, 2005/83/EG and 2009/0154 (COD)
  • 800 mm distance between the plates
  • Overview +

    The transversal electromagnetic mode which can be developped in the SL 150 strip line, provides the opportunity for doing EMC testing inside the strip line. The strip line is specified in EU directives 2004/104/EG, 2005/83/EG and 2009/0154 (COD). Frequency range and general settings are also described in ISO 11452‑1. The SL 150 allows testing electrical/electronic sub modules (EUB). The SL 150 consists of two parallel metal plates. The EUT is arranged in the middle between these plates. The largest outer dimension of the EUT should not be more than 1/3 of the plate distance. The ground is on the lower plate and the isolated upper plate is supplied with RF energy. Between the plates, an electromagnetic field will be established. A typical test configuration consists of signal generator, power amplifiers, power meters and SL 150. To avoid interactions with the environment, the test should be run in an anechoic test chamber.
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