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NT 5510

  • Plug-in modules for “classic” Nissan transients
  • Compliant with 28400 NDS07 (1998) and 28400 NDS03 (1997)
  • Cost-effective plug-in solution to expand test capabilities
  • Overview +

    The NT 5510 is a plugin module for use in the NSG 5500. Designed in accordance with the Nissan standards 28400 NDS07 (1998) and NDS03 (1997). The NT 5510 features a series of capacitive discharge networks for testing to C8, C50, C300, Pulse A1, A2, B1 and B2. The NSG 5500 provides the proper coupling of transient pulses with battery voltage, and includes a BNC output connector as recommended by the standard.
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