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LD 5550

  • Load Dump Pulses from 30 to 1500 ms pulse widths in 1 ms steps
  • Capable of suppressed pulses without affecting the pulse width
  • ISO 16750-2 verification annex compliant
  • Overview +

    Load dump generator capable of the full range of pulses required by most standards. Alternators produce a high-energy (load dump) pulse on a vehicle’s power system when the battery is disconnected. The LD 5550 simulates the corresponding pulse 5 specified by numerous standards, and the clamped load dump pulse 5b. Some vehicle manufacturers have expanded upon these specifications – in most cases by making them more stringent. This generator takes this into account. More versatile than the classic concept, the generator is built around an active pulse shaping circuit. While still compliant with ISO 7637-2 verification annexes, this is the best and most cost-effective method to reach the full range of pulse requirements. For example, ISO 16750-2 and ISO 7637-2 before that, requires 40 – 400 ms, which the LD 5550 exceeds. Teseq’s advanced and patented technology also enables much greater variability of the pulse parameters to be achieved and facilitates better reproducibility. The required Ri resistors are included.
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