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HV-AN 1u-250 ISO21498

  • 1 uH | 1 uF HV-AN / LISN
  • according ISO 21498-2, MBN 11123, BMW GS 95023 and similar
  • up to 250 A EUT current
  • modular concept based on modules
  • compact and air-cooled
  • trolley available as accessory
  • Overview +

    The HV-AN 1u-ISO 21498 is an artificial network used for electric vehicle high voltage component tests. The AN is used to simulate the impedance of a vehicle harness to determine the behavior of EUT and meet the requirements of ISO 21498-2, MBN 11123, BMW GS95023 and similar standards. The HV-AN 1u-ISO 21498 is built on a modular concept. Each module incorporates the 1 uH inductance, 1 uF capacitor and one resistance value. A pair of two HV-AN 1u-ISO21498 forms a complete set for HV+ and HV- supply lines to high voltage components. Separate sets are available for each resistance value and EUT current.
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