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GTEM 1750

  • Emissions and immunity testing in a single, shielded environment
  • Meets basic standard: IEC/EN 61000-4-20
  • Meets standards for emissions testing: CISPR 14-1, IEC 61000-6-3 and IEC 61000-6-4 for EUTs without connected cables
  • Ideal for design qualification and pre-certification
  • Fields generated are largely homogeneous and simple to calculate
  • Efficient power conversion requires smaller power amplifier
  • Overview +

    A GTEM (Gigahertz Transverse Electro Magnetic) cell is a test site for efficiently performing both radiated immunity and emissions testing in a single, controllable and shielded environment. Compared to other test sites, GTEM testing is faster with high accuracy and excellent reproducibility. In principle, the GTEM cell is a coaxial line expanding pyramidally and having an impedance of 50 Ω. At its end, the line is terminated by a combination of termination resistors and RF absorbers designed and constructed to match the above mentioned impedance. The GTEM 1750 has a maximum septum height of 1750 mm and is suitable for emissions and immunity testing.
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