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FLX 5510

  • Build your own pulse networks
  • Easy solution for special projects
  • Plug in a DIY 5510 submodule with your design for your needs
  • Supports a writeable and erasable surface for marking your project
  • Overview +

    FLX 5510 The ultimate in flexibility - Your Project, your way Calculate, populate and simulate with the power of the FLX 5510 Solutions Dev. Kit. Using the DIY 5510 project module and the supplied wizard, the FLX 5510 becomes a true Do It Yourself plugin solution for your unique NSG 5500 transient immunity needs. With the FLX 5510, we provide you the tools to create your pulse for your special application. Calculate using provided tools. We help take the mystery out of designing your own special pulses. We provide a wizard to help you decide what components to use to get the pulse you need.
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