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+DS Option

  • Three switch solution for positive, negative, auxiliary and short-circuit (LV 124) operation
  • < 100 mΩ when closed and ≈ 1 MΩ when open
  • ±60V, ±100A bipolar switch, short-circuit safe
  • Switching behavior: rise, fall <200 ns
  • μs interruptions even when verified into only a 1 kΩ load
  • Optional voltage and current measurement for closed-loop testing
  • Overview +

    Besides dropouts like in standards like ISO 16750-2, it is often required by many manufacturers’ standards to perform very fast dropout testing using a switch. For this, we have engineered the all new +DS option. This dropout switch in the NSG 5500 +ARB +DS has been totally reengineered from the ground up for clean, symmetrical switching on all three switches: BAT+, BAT- and a new short-circuit (S2) switch for European requirements like LV 124. This 100A switch includes very clean wave shapes with symmetrical switching behavior down to 1 µs even when verified into only a 1 kΩ load. When closed, the switch measures an astounding < 100 mΩ and ≈ MΩ when open. The switch also has optional voltage and current measurement for closed-loop testing: set your target value and let the system make all the necessary corrections when using lossy setups.
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