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  • Sophisticated, easy to use and fully featured RF EMC software package
  • Multi-user with administrator control
  • Industry, GTEM specific application packages
  • Optional packages are available for Military, Aircraft, Automotive and Reverberation Chamber testing
  • Customization made easy, allows user to write his own applications and drivers
  • Reporting is made easy using the AMETEK CTS ‘Global Report’ function
  • Overview +

    Compliance Immunity Software (CIS) is a sophisticated EMC laboratory control software designed to make RF Immunity testing fast, efficient, compliant, accurate and simple. A major feature in CIS is the availability of ‘Installable Applications’. These optional applications are dedicated to specific industry test standards and methodology such as Commercial, Military, Aerospace and Automotive. Using these applications means that only a few simple selections and setting need to be made in order to run a test in accordance with a particular standard.
  • Standards +

    • IEC / EN Basic Standards+

    • Military and Aerospace+

    • Automotive Standards+