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  • Measurements for CM impedance and phase angle, VDF, decoupling attenuation and DM impedance
  • Includes measuring balun and adapters
  • Overview +

    The Calibration Kit CAS CDNE is made for function tests and verification measurements on coupling decoupling network for emissions measurements (CDNE). Measuring parameters are common-mode (CM) impedance, (CM) phase angle, voltage division factor, decoupling attenuation and differential-mode (DM) impedance. CDNEs and measurements on CDNEs are defined in CISPR 16-1-2. The CAS CDNE contains adapters for establishing the 150 to 50 Ω connection, the common-mode, the length correction, the impedance measuring and the differential-mode measurements, including a measuring balun with a balanced output of 100 Ω.
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  • Standards +

    • CISPR Standards+