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AS30M6G Series

  • Class A Operation
  • 100% Mismatch Tolerant with no Foldback
  • Calibrated Dual Directional Coupler
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232 & GPIB Interface
  • 5 Year Warranty
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    The AS30M6G series of dual-band solid-state power amplifiers follow the MILMEGA tradition for compact, upgradeable microwave power amplifier solutions with field-proven reliability. A modular design enables easy in-country service, maintenance and factory upgrades to higher power models. Developed to cover the frequency band 30MHz- 6GHz this GaN-based amplifier produces high P1dB performance with excellent linearity and low harmonics making this series ideal for multiple applications including various EMC standards, Telecoms and Instrumentation testing. Powered from a switched-mode power supply for high efficiency, high power factor and wide voltage range operation. The unit is air-cooled with integral fans and is protected against faulty cooling by excess temperature sensing. A safety interlock connector is provided, which the user can short circuit to ground, to put the amplifier into standby mode. Front panel indicators are provided to indicate over-temperature and RF interlock conditions.
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