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PT84 Series

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Rugged Modular Design Construction
  • USB, Ethernet, GPIB and RS232 interface
  • 3 year warranty (1 Year on the tube)
  • Solid State Powe Supply
  • Overview +

    Instruments for Industry, PT84 Series TWT Amplifiers provide outstanding RF performance. These 4.0 to 8.0 GHz Pulsed TWTA's (traveling wave tube amplifiers) have field proven reliability and industry leading performance. Making these amplifiers ideal for multiple high frequency high power applications including but not limited to RF immunity testing. Operation safety and ease of use are paramount in IFI pulsed TWT amplifier product designs. The IFI PT84 series include a full complement of RF and hardware protection systems including high VSWR, over-current and voltage protection as well as redundant thermal and airflow sensors to prevent the TWT from overheating. In addition, the PT84 series includes a state-of-the-art touch screen interface that is sophisticated, comprehensive, but yet simple to use. Our amplifiers feature modular construction and this concept of modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage and provides easy access for field service and rapid turnaround at depot level repair facilities. The touch screen interface shows forward/reverse power indication, system status and self-diagnostic information. All the TWTA operating parameters are simultaneously available via the touch screen interface as well as over the remote bus. For remote operation GPIB, RS232, USB & Ethernet remote interfaces are included as standard. To meet individual application needs, the PT84 Series pulsed TWT power amplifiers can be easily customized with harmonic filters or other options. With this capability and its reliable elegant design, the PT84 series amplifiers are the perfect amplifier for your microwave needs. IFI offers different size packages and configurations to best suit your application. A product and design built to last!
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