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VSS 500N15 Series

  • Test pulse 1.2/50 µs up to 15 kV as per EN/IEC 60255-27
  • 7 different test levels
  • Source impedance 500 ohm
  • Constant energy of 0.5 J at each test level
  • Peak voltage measurement
  • Peak current measurement
  • Interlock
  • Warning lamp control
  • Overview +

    Voltage surge simulation The surge simulator type VSS 500N15.3 generates high voltage transients as required by IEC 60255-27 with a source impedance of 500 ohm for transient overvoltage tests on "Protection Relays". The output voltage ranges up to 15 kV, divided into two voltage ranges (up to 6.6kV and up to 15kV). The no-load waveshape corresponds to IEC-61180. For this kind of testing the IEC 60255-27 standard requires a fixed energy of 0.5 J at each test level.
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  • Standards +

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