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Ripple NX

  • Fully integrated ripple generator
  • 10 Hz to 300 kHz ripple signal
  • Up to 1000 V / 1000 A DC
  • Integrated, frequency-selective measurement unit
  • Local touch panel control or remote control (CAN, Ethernet, IEEE, OptoLink)
  • Configurable coupling network
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
  • Overview +

    The Ripple NX is a high-power ripple generator that is used to perform ripple immunity tests. It offers the power to test high power high voltage components i.e. electric drives, high voltage batteries, DC-DC converters, on-board chargers and other high voltage components. It can also be used to generate ripple on high power aircraft components. The Ripple NX is a fully integrated test system that includes all necessary components: low frequency amplifier (5 or 10 kVA, 10 Hz - 300 kHz, 160 Vp, 63 Ap or 126 Ap), coupling network (consisting of coupling transformers and a switch matrix), measurement and control unit (frequency selective measurement), capacitor bank (10mF, low ESR, with pre- and discharge circuits) and a connection boxe with connection cables The ripple NX includes a display with touch-panel for local control and comes with CAN/Ethernet/IEEE/OptoLink interface for remote control (SCPI command set, IVI-C and LabView drivers). This allows to integrate the Ripple NX into existing test benches for automation. Also included is a control software that has a large library of pre-programmed tests and report generator
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