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RDS 200N

  • 16V/10A DC voltage source
  • DC - 5kHz bandwidth
  • Sine ripple capability of 8Vp-p
  • Built-in current sink
  • 0 - 10VDC analog input for control by AutoWave (or any other signal generator) or PFS 200N
  • LCD Display for voltage and current
  • Over voltage/over current protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Overview +

    RDS 200N - The smart DC power supply 16V / 10A The RDS 200N is a DC voltage power supply used in combination with the AutoWave generator to test supply voltage profiles such as required in Ford ES-XW7T, test procedure CI 230 and a number of other car manufacturer requirements. The RDS 200N is also used as an external power supply needed for voltage dip testing in combination with the PFS 200N series. The RDS 200N is fully remote-controlled via its 0-10Vdc analog input either via AutoWave or PFS 200Nx.
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