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PFS 503N Series

  • Standalone test generator for dips, short interruptions and voltage variation
  • Full-compliant three-phase system as per IEC 61000-4-11, Ed.2:2004 and IEC 61000-4-34 for testing delta and star supply systems
  • 6 electronic switches, short-circuit protected
  • Rated voltage up to 3x480V AC, 360V DC
  • Nominal current up to 100A per phase
  • DC signal to control external variac
  • Front panel operation
  • USB and GPIB interfaces
  • Overview +

    Unlike any other Power Fail simulator the EM TEST PFS 503N Series represents a real three-phase Power Fail simulator. Not only phase-by-phase testing is possible but any combination of phases and all three phases can be simultaneously tested. Herefore the PFS503N Series is equipped with six individually controlled semiconductor switches. Each switch is electronically short-circuit protected. Additionally the PFS 503N Series is available for nominal currents of up to 100A which is another outstanding and unreached feature for Power Fail testing. The PFS 503N Series offers BNC outputs for individual current monitoring for each phase by means of an oscilloscope. The inrush current can be measured using these BNC outputs. An analog DC signal of 0 to 10V is supplied to drive an external motorised three-phase variac. The PFS 503 can also be used for single phase testing offering a separate DUT output for this purpose.
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