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CA BS 200N

  • Verification load for electronic switch 0.6ohm / 50uH as per ISO 7637-2:2004
  • Max. supply voltage 28VDC
  • Max. load current 50A
  • Additional shunt resistors 10ohm, 20ohm, 40ohm, 120ohm built-in for emission measurement
  • Over-temperature protected
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    CA BS 200N - Load Impedance for BS200Nx Electronic Switches The switching behaviour of the BS 200N series semiconductor switches shall be verified on 0.6ohm to 50uH load inpedance. The CA BS 200N is directly connected to the output of the BS 200Nx. The switching parameters of the BS 200Nx are measured with the load connected. Additionally, the CA BS 200N includes a number of shunt resistors Rs such as 10ohm, 20ohm, 40ohm and 120ohm being required as per standards used during the emission measurement of transients as per ISO 7637-2:2011 and the former ISO 7637-2:2004.
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