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Diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive work environment

AMETEK CTS’ long-standing commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment stems from our shared belief that diversity creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Indeed, diversity and inclusion − regarding to ability, experience, gender, sexual orientation, race and culture – is indispensable for our success.

Therefore, we are committed to harnessing the power of difference to stay successful and we are implementing continuously new strategies to attract, retain and advance top talent from all backgrounds while fostering a globally inclusive work environment. Diversity and inclusion starts by the recruitment process. Therefore, one of our goal is to attract a diverse selection of candidates. 

Women in Engineering

AMETEK CTS supports a diverse working culture. To show that, we interviewed women from our engineering team.

Friederike Schmidt has worked for us for more than 3,5 years as a Service Engineer in Berlin, Germany - read the interview below.

Friederike Schmidt - Service Engineer Berlin Friederike, how did you find your way to AMETEK CTS?
Right after school I was interested in mathematics, but it was too theoretically based. Therefore, I decided to study Electrical Engineering which is more practical orientated. During my Bachelor I did a six months internship at AMETEK CTS and did my Bachelor thesis there as well.

After my Masters I remembered AMETEK CTS as being a very good employer and decided to start my professional career there.

Why were you attracted to AMETEK CTS?
I had a very positive experience during my internship and received a lot of support and assistance from my work colleagues. In addition, AMETEK CTS gave me the opportunity to learn a lot and very quickly. I was given a lot of responsibility after a short time for very important tasks.

Can you give us an insight of your role and responsibilities?
As a member of the Service Team I work in the calibration laboratory. My main tasks are the following:
- Calibration of different devices and small repairs
- Documentation of those results and preparing all certificates needed
- Calculation of measurement uncertainties and creation of work instructions for various calibrations

We work with various types of products such as antennas, RF generators, power meters, field propes, attenuators, directional couplers, coupling networks etc. which makes the job very interesting. Every day is different, and you face a variation of daily tasks and have the opportunity to develop yourself consistently.

How is teamwork important for your position and what does it mean to you?
To get the job done, you need to work together closely as a team, so it plays an important role. For me teamwork means exchanging ideas, discussing problems together and everyone contributing to find solutions. Along with always being helpful and supportive to each other.

With reference to teamwork, how does it feel as a woman to work in a technically orientated company?

My team includes myself and five men. As the only woman, I am used to this situation because Electrical Engineering is traditionally a male dominated industry.

As the only woman in the team, I contribute my way of communicating in a positive way and tend to see things from a different perspective than my male colleagues do, which can be an advantage and benefits the team as a whole. My colleagues really appreciated this diversity and I always feel comfortable expressing my opinions and sharing my knowledge.

What recommendation can you give to other women who would like to join AMETEK CTS?
Women should not be afraid of the male dominated environment. They should apply themselves, be true to themselves, be confident use their communication skills and never underestimate themselves.

What motivates you every day to work for AMETEK CTS?
Every day is different, new challenges, working as part of an excellent team, great work environment and a sense of achievement with completion of tasks and projects.

What would you tell a friend who starts in AMETEK CTS, what he/she will expect?
Due to the pandemic this last year was not easy, but everyone at AMETEK CTS has worked hard to get through this situation. During this period, we really experienced the team spirit which was a great feeling.

What are your professional goals regarding your career at AMETEK CTS?

I would like to grow into a leadership role and manage a small team.

Thank you very much for this interview Friederike. We will continue to work hard to attract even more women into a career in Engineering, which will greatly benefit our organization.


Fatemeh Khodaei has worked for more than 1,5 years for AMETEK CTS as a Service Engineer in Kamen, Germany.

women in engineering Fatemeh, how did you find your way to AMETEK CTS?
I grew up in Iran and studied electrical engineering there. I have been working in Germany since 2015, started learning German here, and became aware of AMETEK CTS via LinkedIn.

AMETEK CTS convinced me as an international company that offers interesting tasks in the electrical sector.

How did you know that engineering is your vocation?
In Iran, you decide on a certain focus at school. Mathematics and physics were my favorite subjects and even as a child I was very interested in technology, so I decided on the electrical field and was later able to complete my studies as a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering.

What are your tasks at AMETEK CTS?
I work as an engineer in calibration. AMETEK CTS manufactures measuring devices for the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) area. These measuring devices check whether a wide variety of electronic devices are working properly. That means they do not disturb each other or give the right signals. These measuring devices have to be recalibrated after a few years and I'll take over this work.

What are your professional goals regarding your career at AMETEK CTS? 
AMTEK CTS has a very broad and complex product portfolio. I want to expand my knowledge so that I can work in different areas.

What recommendation can you give to other women who would like to join AMETEK CTS?
Approach other colleagues openly and actively, women and men are always treated equally at AMETEK CTS, there are no differences.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at AMETEK CTS, as a woman among many men?
During my studies, I was one of a few women so I am familiar with this situation. In my team, I work as the only woman next to five men and feel very comfortable in this constellation. I have absolutely equal rights and feel recognized. When I need help lifting heavy equipment, my male colleagues are happy to help.

In general, there is a very good atmosphere in which you always get support. And it makes no difference whether you ask a question as a woman or as a man.

What makes AMETEK CTS an attractive employer?
Many internal training opportunities are offered. The company sets ambitious goals that help you achieve more and grow beyond yourself.
AMETEK CTS is also an international company that is part of the AMETEK Group and combines many different cultures.
The cooperation among colleagues is great and you get very responsible tasks.

What motivates you every day to work for AMETEK CTS?
The friendly atmosphere in the team motivates me, as does the positive atmosphere generated by AMETEK CTS. The company gives employees the freedom they need to work independently and develop themselves.