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EMC Pre-testing | EMC Best Practice webinar series

Monday, February 22, 2021

What is EMC Pre-testing | Why is it important?

Thursday March 4th, 2021  11:00 am US Eastern time | 17:00 pm Central European time 
Friday March 5th, 2021 10:00 am Central European time | 09:00 am UK time

Register Now for our latest best practice webinar, and learn about the benefits of performing in-house EMC product testing before going to a certified Test Lab for final certification.
Register for the EMC best practice webinar
A faster time-to-market and a reduced risk of unforeseen project costs

The ability to perform in-house EMC product testing before going to a certified Test Lab for final certification provides product designers and manufacturers with an array of benefits.
  • Ensure equipment has a sufficient level of immunity to maintain adequate performance in the presence of the electromagnetic disturbances to which it is subjected
  • Find EMC issues with your products before going to a Test Lab for approvals
  • Increases the chances your products will pass the first time avoiding wasted time & costs
    Streamlines your product development time & avoids delays in bringing new products to market
  • Increases communications between testing & engineering groups working on EMC issues – with everyone together in one place together
  • Pre-Testing for IEC 61000-4-2, -4,-5 & -11 solves many immunity issues & can easily be done at your location at a reasonable cost versus going to the Test Labs multiple times looking for issues & solutions fixed lambda factors for Class C devices
Seminar content
During the webinar the presenter will provide an overview of the tests that can be included in a pre-testing schedule and the standards covered. This will include information about the test set-up required to perform the test, and instruments that are required.

About the webinar leader - Randy Johnson 

Randy has over 40 years’ experience in the EMC compliance industry.  On a daily basis, Randy assists product designers and test engineers with EMC compliance testing challenges and projects. His practical know-how, extends across many industries including Aerospace, Automotive and Electrical & Electronic goods manufacturers.

Register for the EMC best practice webinar
During the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask questions, and all participants will receive an information pack covering the content of the presentation.
We are confident you will find the content useful, and we are hopeful you can join us.